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  • Vicky, Emily, Laura of Fellpack

    17 Apr 2019

    Vicky, Emily and Laura of Fellpack

    “Our slogan, ‘fuelling Lakeland adventures’ sums us up well. We’re all about creating wholesome, unique and creative dishes, that taste particularly brilliant if you’ve just come down from the fells! We pride ourselves on consistency; locals come in weekly for their dose of Fellpack Mac and Cheese, Chocolate Brownie or one of our Roasted Hazelnut Hot Chocolates in a huge handmade mug.".

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  • 12 Apr 2019

    Chris runs Little Walkers

    “There are lots of shops around that you can find in any town or any part of the country. People often come to Ambleside and that’s the first place they go to. I think that’s where something like the Lake District Pound can really help, by encouraging people to go to shops that are not just generic. Once people do it, they realise that it’s a better experience and that’s what retail needs to be these days. You need to provide a really good service, an interesting shop and an experience when you go in.”.

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  • 10 Apr 2019

    Steve Baskerville-Muscutt runs Fred’s Ambleside Bookshop

    “When I acquired it, Fred said to me that I could change the name of it. But I can’t, it will always be Fred’s bookshop. I am just at the tiller taking it forward. I always say to people, I have been here in the Lakes for 50 years now and it’s almost been like a 50 year holiday. I’ve worked hard, but it’s just so enjoyable and I can’t think of anywhere else I would want to live.”.

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  • 08 Apr 2019

    Alexandra Boardman of Alexandra’s of Keswick

    Situated in a charming courtyard called Packhorse Court is Alexandra’s of Keswick, a women’s clothing shop with a difference. That difference is eloquently highlighted by a sign on the wall ‘We believe clothing should be ethical, sustainable, organic, thoughtful … and stylish.’ The shop is a treasure trove of elegant and colourful ladies clothing and accessories in Keswick, in the north of the Lake District..

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  • 05 Apr 2019

    Explore, have fun and win prizes with the Lake District Pound.

    “Swap £25 Sterling or more for LD£ and you’ll receive a free Lake District Pound passport to collect unique passport stamps from local businesses when you spend LD£. Collect any set of stamps, post about it and tag us on social media and we’ll give you a special prize! Plus, if you swap £90 for LD£ you’ll get LD£10 for free!”.

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  • 03 Apr 2019

    Launching the 2019 LD£ with a very special guest!

    “I am absolutely over the moon, it’s a fantastic honour. I never thought I would have my face on a pound note and what better place to have it than on a Lake District Pound? It’s wonderful. The businesses that help everyone in the Lake District need all the help they can get. It’s tough times and therefore I am very proud to be able to give a little bit of help.” - Sir Chris Bonington.

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  • 02 Apr 2019

    Follow Me In: The Lake District Pound Video

    Explore the ethos of The Lake District Pound with our stunning promotional video. Follow us in; get lost in the stanzas of poet Phil Houghton, admire the breathtaking landscape of our beautiful countryside and become inspired by The Lake District Pound..

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  • Amanda, Ellie and Jonathan

    14 Mar 2019

    Amanda from Sugar and Spice Cafe Bistro

    “We were really excited about the Lake District Pound because it just adds to that community spirit. We love the passport, Ellie and I have our own passport and have it stamped whenever we can. The design is really cool and the whole ethos around it of helping local businesses and giving back to the community that you live in sits right with us.".

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  • Andrew

    10 Mar 2019

    Andrew from Chestnut House

    "You want the village to have a reputation for great things and for people to be able to come here and have choice. People come in and they look at the selection of gins and they say ‘Wow’. That is just not what people expect to see when they come somewhere like Pooley Bridge. Who wants to go into a shop that’s the same as any other shop?”.

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  • Chris

    28 Feb 2019

    Chris from Key Cobbler

    “Anything that helps local businesses, independent businesses especially, and helps them grow is perfect for us. So something like the Lake District Pound is perfect for Kendal, especially when town centres aren’t as busy as they used to be. The local businesses are doing well in Kendal, but there is always room for more footfall.”.

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  • Alex

    28 Feb 2019

    Alex from Keswick Boot Company

    “We wanted to get involved with the Lake District Pound because it highlights the fact that we are a local, independent trader. I think it matters to customers to try and support local businesses and hopefully they will do their research and come across it and be more inclined to come here. There are so many fantastic local businesses, we are very lucky to have them, but they are only there if people support them.”.

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  • Vincent

    07 Feb 2019

    Vincent from Crafty Baa

    “As soon as we heard about the Lake District Pound we wanted to get involved. There is a community feel amongst the businesses in Windermere and we try and promote each other as much as we can. We were born and bred here and we want to push anything that promotes the area and the Lake District.”.

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